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Trip Planning & Getting Back Your Horse Race Winnings

If you’ve been reading our website you’ll know that the American government has a 30% horse racing tax on all of your winnings if you’re a foreign national and that includes Canadians.

If you’ve been reading along you understand we will be with you every step of the way when you try and get as much possible back after you return home. So we thought you might be interested in a few of the biggest horse races in the United States to help plan your trip.

Of course, the Kentucky Derby is at the top of everyone’s list since it is one of the most famous horse races in America. However, when you ask a diehard horse racing fan or even the general population what names they recognize in the sport, the Breeders’ Cup
often comes up right behind the Kentucky Derby.

Regardless of which one is your favorite horse race in the United States, we’re here to help you get as much back as possible from the horse racing tax the Americans withhold on your winnings.

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