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RMS Gaming & Casino Tax Refund Services

Gaming & Casino Tax Refunds

We’ve been claiming gaming and casino tax refunds since 1996.  We are Canada’s longest standing withholding tax refund agency. Owned and operated by a Canadian Chartered Accountant, we are also Canada’s top choice for gaming and casino tax refunds.

We offer One Simple Step™ which means we are the easiest gaming and casino tax refund service around. You are only required to sign where indicated, and we file the multitudes of forms required on your behalf.

In order to make the refund process as easy as possible, we have formed relationships with most of the major gambling establishments. These relationships allow us to quickly retrieve your forms in the event that the forms you were issued were lost or damaged.

Appeals for IRS Denials

We have never been denied a rightful claim by the IRS.  Despite this fact, we get customers every year who tried to claim their gaming or casino tax refund another way, often on their own. This decision led to mistakes in their application that caused the IRS to deny their claim.

Once a gaming or casino tax refund claim has been denied, the appeal process is even more complex than the claim. We leverage our special relationship with the IRS to navigate this process and reclaim as much as we can through an appeal.

ID Certification

We are not only a gaming & casino tax refund agency, we are also an agent of the IRS.  This means we are a one-stop refund agency, allowing you to take care of all the steps required for a gaming or casino tax refund in one place.

Apply now for free to have Canada’s #1 gaming & casino tax refund agency handle your refund.