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Know When You’re Winning With Casino Tax Refunds

Getting casino tax refunds is all about understanding which company stays on top of all the latest developments. When something changes at the IRS in favor of foreign gamblers who like to play in American casinos, you want to be the first to know when the pendulum is swinging your way.

That’s just what happened recently when a South Korean businessman changed the tax on gambling landscape so that Canadian and other foreign players can deduct their losses against their winnings before they need to file. Here at RMS, we were on top of that development for you since our job is to make sure that you get as much possible back whether it’s in horse racing tax, online poker tax or at any one of a number of other games.

We pride ourselves on making casino tax refunds a simple process and when you look on our website you’ll even see the eligibility requirements clearly spelled out. Don’t forget to get the right documentation that includes an IRS Form 1042-S from where you played.

We’ve been the trusted source for Canadians looking to get casino tax refund money since 1998. Remember that RMS only gets paid for successful applications and one of our friendly and courteous staff is ready to walk you through the process and help you to get started.

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