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What You Need to Start a Gambling Tax Deduction

People are understandably excited when they find out they can get all or part of the 30% that’s withheld by the American government of their gambling winnings back if they follow the procedure we carefully lay out here at RMS.

It’s actually quite simple and easy since we do all the work for you after you supply us with just a few simple pieces of identification to start everything off with so we can maximize your gambling tax deduction.

Of course we need to know who you are so you will need to have a valid passport or driver’s license. Even a birth certificate or voter’s registration will work as the foundation that we can start from.

Some of our clients are surprised to find out they can start helping us with their gambling tax deduction before they even come home to Canadian soil by getting receipts and other documentation from the casinos where they are playing and enjoying themselves in the United States.

Other than those simple starting points, we look after everything for you because we’re the professionals that understand all the documentation and techniques needed to get you the most money back.

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