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Here’s How To Look Good At Fancy Casinos

There are some things you can’t get away from when you take an American gambling vacation. Unfortunately, one of them isn’t the Gambling Tax for Non Residents (1040NR) which could take away up to 30% of your winnings without the proper tax recovery company working with you. On the lighter side, understanding what you need to wear to fit in at various establishments is one of the more interesting parts of taking any gambling vacation down south.

Experts suggest you play it by ear, but one of the benchmarks to use to decide what kind of dress is appropriate are the costs at the casino where you plan to play. You’ll feel out of place in Bermuda shorts at some of the more expensive places in Las Vegas or even Atlantic City, and many people who dress up for a night of gambling also plan on dining afterwards so it’s good to see if the casino restaurant has a proper dress code.

Places like Caesars generally have an unofficial dress code, but you can find establishments in northern Las Vegas where cowboy hats are common.

Regardless of the clothes you wore on vacation to fit in at your favorite casino, it’s best to get some expert help with Gambling Tax for Non Residents (1040NR) when you return home so you can get the most cash returned.

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