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How To Make Refunds Easier on Taxed Horse Racing Wins

Thirty percent translates into a fair amount of money, and that’s the number the IRS keeps back in non-resident funds for tax on horse racing winnings. As a Canadian, you can apply to get some of the cash back within three years, but you need to start the process off on the right foot with accredited documentation.

You’ll need to have a driver’s license or even a passport and/or voter’s registration. There’s also a 1996 Canadian/US Tax Treaty that contains a fair amount of the necessary information you’ll need to abide by. Sound like a lot of bother to get that refund? Well, that’s why our refund management services are considered the experts that work for you.

We can look after the IRS Form 1042-S that you’ll need to have. Remember, we’re the trusted source for tax on horse racing winnings refunds and have been since 1998.

We only get paid when the refunds have been successful so there’s no risk involved. We’ll get busy for you to dig out any recent tax on horse racing winnings you’ve had in the last year or money that’s owed to you from as far back as three years in the past.

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