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Fighting The Tax On Winnings Means Knowing The Rules

Many Canadians that head to the United States to play a little poker and hit a few casinos don’t realize there is tax on gambling winnings. In fact, the American government will try to get 30% of your winnings unless you understand the rules and what you need to do to get part of that sizable chunk back.

It all starts with finding the right company that understands where you need to begin. For example, making a claim means you’ll have to present the proper documentation including the right ID. A birth certificate and a driver’s license will do but you need to have these documents notarized, so a company that can perform this function as an agent of the IRS gives you the leg up when you want your money fast.

Excellent refund management services will also know about getting you the right ITIN#
and how that can expedite the whole process and turn your refund around in a quicker time frame. It’s important to make sure the company you are dealing with knows about eligibility requirements when it comes to tax on gambling winnings and the treaty countries that qualify too.

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