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How To Recover Taxes From Casino Winnings

We understand there are still a lot of Canadians who don’t think they need to pay tax on casino winnings when they’ve been gambling in the United States. Many people practice incessantly to get good at certain games like poker hoping for that big jackpot without realizing their winnings are subject to 30% withholding tax from the IRS.

However, we can help you get a good portion of that withheld money back because we are the experts who have been getting refunds for non-American residents on their gambling taxes since 1998. We understand how the system works and even the particular forms you’ll need so the IRS pays attention to the claims we make on your behalf.

Form 1042-S is one of the documents required so we can process any refund to the American government, but sometimes these get lost or our clients forget to request them from the casinos where they’ve been playing. If that’s the case, there’s no need to worry when you use us here at RMS since we have good relationships with many of the casinos in the United States and can ask to get this all-important form needed to expedite your tax on casino winnings refund.

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