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US Casino Tax Refunds From Professionals

Looking to get US casino tax refunds? Then you need to understand the best route to getting as much of your money back as possible is with us at Refund Management Services (RMS). Here’s a few reasons that we’ve been the logical choice for foreign nationals who have gambled in the United States and are looking to get as much back from the 30% tax on casino winnings imposed by the IRS as possible:

1. We have the experience. We have a thorough knowledge of gaming related tax laws and can go back up to three years to get you the money you deserve. Being in business since 1998 speaks to our ability to do the job well.
2. We cover a variety of gaming activities in the US and can even get you your money back for non-slot games like blackjack and poker.
3. We’re fast. In most cases we can get your US casino tax refunds in merely a few weeks.

When you’re looking for US casino tax refunds we’re the company that has all the bases covered. Get in touch with us today through our toll-free number or use our convenient online form to learn more.

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