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Canadian Gambling Winners Love These Top Casino Games

Most Canadians who travel to the United States to gamble and enjoy themselves are also aware of the fact the IRS can withhold up to 30% of their winnings. They understand with the proper documentation like a valid driver’s license and birth certificate, they can start the process to get most or even all of the withheld money returned.

The money that is withheld by the American government is only a small bump in the road for these Canadian Gambling Winners in USA. In fact, many choose to focus on their favorite games when they’re down south in the casinos and these include:

  • Keno which is a lottery style game that’s popular in the top gambling destinations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City in New Jersey.
  • Slots are, of course, the traditional Las Vegas stand by.

Canadian Gambling Winners in USA casinos are well aware of the things they need to do to make the recovery process go smoothly when they get back home and that’s the reason they ask for receipts while they are playing in the big American vacation spots.

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