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Timing Is Important For Online Gambling Tax Refunds

If you’ve ever heard the saying timing is everything you won’t be surprised to find out that’s one of the essential ingredients to be able to get any tax online gambling refunds in a decent amount of time. Here at RMS we understand that traveling to the United States or playing online games that originate south of the border can be made even more exciting and enjoyable when you can get a refund from the 30% withholding tax for non-US residents that’s imposed by the IRS.

An ITIN# is one of those little advantages that we can tell you about since it can decrease the time for getting a refund from 12 to 15 weeks to 6 to 9 weeks . It is important to keep in mind there are a few restrictions too including the fact that if you’ve won in the present calendar year , you’re going to have to wait until next year before you can apply for tax online gambling refunds.

We have both the reputation, credentials and experience to shave off any time possible and get you the money you deserve. Why not get in touch with us today to learn more about our quick and efficient services?

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