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Timing Things Right Helps Win Back US Gambling Taxes

Some Canadians and even people from other countries who gamble in the United States think the 30% tax on their winnings is something they just need to put up with. This Tax on Gambling Winnings in USA isn’t written in stone and if you understand how timing plays an important role, you can get a large chunk of that money back.

The IRS has a three-year filing rule which means you can go back that amount of time and file a claim with a reputable refund management service in order to get a large portion of that money returned. Generally, it takes about 12 to 15 weeks to get a refund but if you have the proper ITIN#, it can take only 6 to 9 weeks to get some cash back in your pocket.

Getting a refund from tax on gambling winnings in USA is all about having the right timing and the right refund management service working for you. Make sure any company you deal with has their eligibility requirements clearly stated on their website. There’s no need to believe a good portion of the Tax on Gambling Winnings in USA isn’t recoverable.

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