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Tax Recovery For Canadians & Other Non-Us Residents

Tax Recovery on Gaming for Canadians & Other Non-U.S. Residents

If you’re a non-U.S. resident, and you’ve hit the jackpot at a casino or other gaming facility in the U.S., the IRS requires you to be taxed 30% on your winnings. But you won that money, so you should get to keep all of it. Refund Management Services represents the easiest way to recover your money, plus we provide tips for winners on how to ensure they qualify for a tax refund.

Our team of consultants will obtain a gaming tax refund for Canadians and other non-U.S. residents who’ve won big but lost part of their winnings because of the withholding tax. Our team of experts takes the stress out of obtaining a gaming tax refund for you and we do everything for you.

Get your full winnings by using Refund Management Services—the experts at providing a tax refund on gaming for Canadians and other non-U.S. residents.
Steps for Tax Recovery on Gaming Winnings

At Refund Management Services, we will handle every step of the recovery of your casino winnings. As the top provider of tax refunds on gaming for Canadians and non-U.S. residents, we are proficient at filling out all the necessary forms and experts at understanding the at-times complicated procedures set out by the IRS.

In order to obtain a gaming tax refund, we recommend keeping a record of your wins and losses. In addition, keep receipts, tickets, statements, and other documents related to your gaming activity. However, if you misplace your slips, we can obtain them on your behalf. We have a good working relationship with most gaming establishments in the U.S. and can get all the necessary slips for a gaming tax refund for you.

You’ll need a U.S. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to acquire a refund; if you do not have one, we will apply for one on your behalf. It’s one part of the procedure involved in trying to ensure we get a gaming tax refund for all of our clients.

Getting back your gaming taxes is as easy as contacting Refund Management Services. Contact us by phone or e-mail or fill out our inquiry form today!

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