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IRS Extends Timing for Reviewing Claims

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IRS Extends Timing for Receiving 30% Withholding Tax

For many Canadian and other non-U.S. resident gamblers, Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the gaming capitals of the world, flush with the promise of winning it big. But if you’ve won money gaming in the U.S., it’s important to understand the tax implications before you start spending.

The IRS has changed the way Canadians and other eligible non-U.S. residents worldwide get their 30% withholding tax back in one major way——timing. Previously, the U.S. gambling tax recovery experts at Refund Management Services (RMS) could get you a portion or all of your withheld gaming winnings back from the IRS in just 12 to 15 weeks. This year, however, the IRS has said it now needs a minimum of one year to review and process your gaming winnings tax return claim.

RMS Helps Minimize the Turnaround Time

There is still an easier way to go about getting a portion or all of your 30% withholding tax back than dealing with the IRS yourself. Instead of trying to navigate the complicated U.S. tax system and filling out specific IRS forms, you can streamline the process and potentially minimize the turnaround time by consulting the gaming tax refund professionals at RMS.

Just a five-minute phone call with a tax expert at RMS is all it takes. At Refund Management Services, our professionals are registered Certified acceptance agents; that means we have a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. tax system and gaming-related tax laws.

In order to qualify for a gaming refund, you must make your claim within three years of winning; taxes on winnings prior to this period are barred from any recovery. If you have won in the current year, refunds will be claimed at the beginning of the following taxation year.

Once you provide us with complete documentation, your claim will be processed and we will submit it to the IRS. It can take a minimum of one year for the IRS to review the claim and for us to receive the refund. At that point, we will send it to you right away. So, with the newly implemented changes by the IRS, it might take a little longer to get your refund this year, but RMS will just work even harder on your behalf to make that happen as best they can in as little time as possible.

RMS Has Never Been Refused an Eligible Refund

If you’ve won money on slots, poker, a lottery, horse racing (parimutuel), or even on a game show and had 30% of your winnings withheld by the IRS, Refund Management Services can help.

As Canada’s most reliable and experienced gaming and casino tax refund providers, the specialists at RMS have the CA designation and are certified Certified acceptance agents for filing U.S. gambling tax refunds.

Established in 1998 by a Canadian chartered accountant, RMS has helped thousands of people recover taxes on their U.S. gaming winnings. Since then, we’ve never been refused an eligible refund.

To find out how you can get your refund cheque mailed out as quickly as possible, contact the gambling tax refund experts at RMS toll-free from the United States or Canada at 1-888-272-5559, or call our Hong Kong offices at 852-6690-1071. You can also e-mail us at [email protected]. RMS is the easiest way to get your taxed casino winnings back!

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