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How To Claim Back Your Taxed Gambling Winnings

Everyone wants to know how to claim gambling tax refund money after they’ve returned from a vacation in the United States to find out the IRS has levied a 30% tax on gambling winnings. Here’s a few of the criteria that will get the ball rolling and some cash coming back to you.

You’re not an American resident. Canadians that love to gamble stateside are eligible as are other foreign nationals. It’s important to remember you need to have the proper receipts from the last three years to make it all work .
Proper identification is also a prerequisite and that means a valid passport or driver’s license. Even a birth certificate will start the process off.
You’ll need to work with a company that has a credible reputation and will only take payment upon successful completion of your claim.

Finally, no discussion about how to claim gambling tax refund money would be complete without touching on contact information in these days of the Internet. Make sure the company you are considering has more than just an e-mail address. A toll-free telephone number speaks volumes about their desire to get and keep a loyal base of clients.

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