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How Long Does it Take to Get Your Winnings Tax Back?

We’ve seen the smile on the faces of many of our customers that come back from gambling in the United States to find out they can get a major refund on their casino winning tax simply by dealing with the professionals at our company here at RMS.

Knowledgeable friendly service is what we’re all about and when you choose us you can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with only experienced professionals who understand how the IRS works and what you need to do to get your refund as quickly as possible. For example, our seasoned professionals understand that you need to have certain kinds of documentation including a birth certificate or passport to get the process started and moving forward.

If you have the critical ITIN#, you can get your money in 6 to 9 weeks and even without it, the waiting time is still shorter than the competition at 12 to 15 weeks. We’re in the business of customer service and if you take a look at our website you’ll see testimonials from satisfied clients just like you who are happy with the time frame and the amount they got back from the casino winning tax they paid.

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