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How To Get Help With Casino Winnings Taxes

Playing the slots in the United States is a great pastime for many Canadians but not all of them realize that tax on casino winnings in USA can withhold up to 30% of their loot. If that sounds a little discouraging and can put you off buying some tickets to head down south to gamble, there is reason to take heart.

Respectable Canadian firms that specialize in offsetting this kind of tax can help you out but you’ll need to understand a little bit about what separates the credible firms from the others. One of the first things you should be looking for is experience. A firm that has been around long enough to have a series of testimonials from satisfied clients should have some respectability and if they are also an agent of the IRS, you can rest assured they understand how to deal with proper documentation and other procedures.

You can head right to the FAQ section of a refund management service website to see if the company has the right kind of transparency and can help you get some of the money back from taxes on casino winnings in USA that’s being withheld. They should be upfront about the time it will take you to get a refund too.

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