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Getting A Casino Tax Rebate & Who’s Eligible?

Canadians and other non-US residents can lose up to 30% in money withheld from their gambling winnings but getting a casino tax rebate is easier than it first appears. However, there are a few stipulations for eligibility and following are some yardsticks that should help you to pursue the cash.

  • There are gaming activities that you can make a claim on and these include slot machines and keno. Finding the right refund management services means you’ll get clear direction on which games you can claim a refund on and what you need to do to stay compliant.
  • There are timelines that you’ll need to follow. You can make a claim up to 3 years after your win. Getting the proper documentation put together helps and that usually includes a driver’s license or a passport. Make sure you deal with a registered agent of the IRS when you’re selecting a firm to work with.

Getting a casino tax rebate is all about knowing your eligibility. Making sure you do a little research so you understand where you stand is invaluable and that means getting a professional refund management service on the case.


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