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Knowing The Gambling Tax Laws Helps You Get a Refund

You want to keep as much of the money that you’ve won in the United States and that’s why you need to find a refund company that understands the gambling tax laws and how they apply to Canadians and other foreign nationals.

Uncle Sam wants to keep up to 30% of your winnings, but the right gambling tax laws firms can help you around that. Versatility is one of the qualities that separates one company from another. It’s important to find a firm that can cover the refund process regardless of whether you’re fond of Keno or have game show winnings. The best of these companies will know how to proceed to file for lottery wins and gaming tournaments as well.

They all need to know about gambling tax laws, but they need to be transparent as well. Only deal with the names that tell you upfront how long you‘ll have to wait for a refund and what documentation you’ll need so the process moves along smoothly. Experience is one of the keys and getting a place that is run by at least one chartered accountant is a definite bonus when you want your refund handled properly.

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