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Our tax form for gambling winnings expertise and a little luck will fill your pockets.

Everyone knows they call it gambling for a reason. As much as people who gamble in the United States quite often will tell you they have a winning strategy that works every time on the roulette wheel or blackjack table, it’s closer to the truth to say luck plays a large part in anyone’s booty.

Still, there are some do’s and don’ts that some of the more successful people who like to gamble down south swear by and one is never sit at the table too long until you’re exhausted chasing winnings. It’s also important to remain as calm as possible especially when you are winning because gambling in the United States can be an exciting adventure and you’ll lose your focus quite often when you’re on a streak.

Regardless of whether you’re winning or losing at any particular casino or event, you can rest assured that when you come back to Canada we will have the right tax form for gambling winnings that will set you up to get as much of the 30% of the American government withholds back to you as possible.

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