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Casino Tax Refunds For Canadians Made Quick & Easy

Going down to the United States for a gambling holiday is always pleasurable and now there’s no need for those good times to be ruined when you get back home only to find out there’s a 30% tax on casino winnings from Uncle Sam.

The casino tax refund for Canadians and other foreign nationals who enjoy gambling in the USA is quick and easy provided they understand how to prepare the proper documentation.

The IRS is just like any government agency around the world in that they want you to have receipts so you can claim your gambling losses against the winnings. Understanding the procedures like getting the proper ITIN# makes the whole process quick and easy.

Don’t forget that you’ll need three pieces of acceptable identification like a driver’s license, passport or birth certificate. A little preplanning is all that’s needed to get a casino tax refund. Having us on your side as your refund management service of choice means you’ll enjoy your gambling vacation in the United States even more knowing that it’s our business to make a casino tax refund for Canadians painless when you return home.

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