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Are Casino Taxes Deductible? Tax Tips With RMS

When you’re off to the United States to go gambling there are some realities that you can’t get away from. One of them, unfortunately, is the Gambling Tax for Non Residents that can take as much as 30% of your winnings back if you don’t have the right people on your side. We know all about what you need to do to get the most from every casino losses tax deductible scenario because we’re the experts who care.

We’re the company that understands exactly how to expedite the whole process so you can get as much back as possible in the quickest time frame. We know that you’ll need an ITIN# and the proper receipts. We know what kind of identification you’ll need to get the entire process started and how long you have under the IRS’s own rules to make a claim against what they want to keep back.

In short, if you’re wondering are casino losses tax-deductible?, the answer is yes as long as you have a trusted guide working with you that understands what you need to do to get those kinds of refunds. Get in touch with us today at RMS and we’ll get started.

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