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Has The 30% Gambling Tax Got You Down?

We have the answer here at RMS because we’ve been helping Canadians and other foreign nationals get as much back as possible from the IRS since 1998. In that time we’ve learned a thing or two about what you need to know on an American gambling vacation that will make things go more smoothly when you come back home.

For example:

Things will go better in mitigating those American tax rates when you remember to document your winnings and losses properly in all of the gambling establishments you frequent. Although the casino tax rates stay the same and you’ll still be charged the 30%, the refund part of the equation goes better when you can show losses against your winnings.
You’ve got three years to file. Of course you’ll want to get your money back ASAP, but the IRS gives you a fair amount of time if and when you need to get some of the documentation together.

We’re the professionals when it comes to getting you the tools needed to get as much back as possible from the casino tax rates that are withheld by the IRS.

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