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Casino Tax Refund for Canadians

Refund management services get your casino winnings back

Unlike Canadian casinos often US casinos charge tax on your winning. Having money flowing in from gambling winnings puts you on the governmentradar, and that’s as true here as it is in The United States where Canadian and International winnersare subject to a 30% tax. This U.S. non-resident tax can put a dent in the amount you get in the end,but refund management services work within the system to get that cash back to you.

Look for the professionals who are clear about what they can do for you and have the experience that shines through in any customer testimonials on their website. Finding a company that is recognized by the IRS in the United States speaks to their credibility. Reputation is important as well and a firm that is recognized by the Better Business Bureau and has offices on both sides of the border is one that will handle refunds quickly and professionally.

Remember that winnings from a Canadian casino might land on the government’s radar depending on the circumstances, but the money you win south of the border will need professionals to get you the refund you’re entitled to. They know all about the documentation required through proper legal avenues like the 1996 Canadian/US Tax Treaty. Look for a section on any of the websites you come across that is clear about eligibility requirements. Specifics about the taxable games that can be included in any refund application is also helpful.

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