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All About Filing US Gambling Tax Refunds For Canadians

Canadians Filing for US Gambling Tax Refund: Get Withheld Cash Back

If you’re planning on gambling in the United States, you’ll need to take more than Lady Luck along for the trip when you consider there’s a 30% tax on your winnings if you’re not an American. A US Tax Recovery company might not travel with you to the casinos and dog tracks, but you’ll be glad to know where one is when you get back to Canada. These are the experts that can get that withheld money back for you. Remember, there are plenty to choose from on the Internet so here’s a few pointers to steer you to the good ones.

They can provide this service because they know their stuff. A gaming tax refund company has professionals on staff that understand all the necessary forms Canadians need to fill out. All the better if you find one of these companies that is either owned by or has a Canadian Chartered Accountant on staff. They’ll be able to tell you how to document everything that you’ll need so you can offset your US Gambling losses against your winnings and come out on top.

Being well versed in the gaming tax laws in the United States is what you can expect from these places and prompt service is another feature separating good firms from the pack. Anywhere from six to fifteen weeks is the normal waiting period and remember that reputable companies will ask you to provide at least one acceptable piece of ID, preferably a certified copy of your passport.

Gambling in the United States is made all that much more enjoyable when you get to keep what you win in the end. Finding a good US Tax Recovery service can help by working through the process to get withheld money returned to you.

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