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Getting Tax Refunds for Gambling Winnings in US

Get US Gambling Tax Back In Your Pocket

Thirty percent. That the percentage of taxes withheld by the IRS in the United States on your winnings when you’re a foreigner looking to take gambling money home with you from America. The US Gambling Tax that you’ll pay can take a dent out of your cash unless you find a good casino and gaming tax recovery service so you can recover what you win.

Going with a professional service is all about knowing what to expect and what to look for. A company that’s capable of helping you will know all about the treaty that Canada signed with the United States in 1996 where gambling losses can be used to offset winnings. These losses need to be well documented and a professional gaming tax recovery service will be able to tell you just what you need to do.

Making sure the company has a good reputation is another prerequisite. Take a look at the website of the firm you’re thinking about using to see if they have testimonials from past satisfied clients that have used their services and been happy with the refunds they received. As you might expect, there is a procedure that needs to be followed and Canadian residents must fill out a US non-resident alien income tax return.

For that, you’ll need to deal with a company that understands how it all works. A Canadian firm that is a registered agent of the IRS is one of the features that you should make a priority. If you can find a professional service that’s run by qualified individuals like a Canadian Chartered Accountant, you can have faith your return will be processed in a quick, efficient manner. Getting withheld US Gambling Tax back is easy with the right experts working for you.

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