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How to Recover Tax on Gambling Winnings in the US

Getting Gambling Tax Back Means Getting Expert Help

By some estimates, there are nearly four million gambling winners each year in the United States and that means the IRS wants their tax money from each one. Unfortunately, that includes Canadians and other foreigners that win in the states on lotteries, gambling and even game shows. It only stands to reason they all want this gambling tax back. Some people think they have no options, but they’re wrong. Specialized Canadian firms will work to get your money back in as little as six weeks.

The ones that know where to go turn to a gaming tax refund company to get the 30% that the American government withholds. These professionals understand what needs to be done because they know all about the treaty that Canada and the United States have that allows you to file and get your money back. They will be able to tell you about the ITIN# that will speed up the process time for you to get a cheque and how you can get this important piece of documentation. They will also let you know how to properly document your winnings and losses so you can make a claim within allotted time periods.

Look for the gaming tax refund company that is engaged in the industry. When they’re a member of the Better Business Bureau, you can rest assured they plan on getting and keeping your business. Having offices on both sides of the border speaks to their commitment to providing service and, of course, having qualified people like chartered accountants working for or owning the company is another good indication of their commitment to getting your gambling tax back. Have you been gambling in America in the last three years? You might be entitled to a refund for money withheld.

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