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All About Get US Gambling Tax Refunds For Canadians

Tips for getting the gambling tax refunds you deserve

As a Canadian, you need to be aware that up to 30% of your winnings when it comes to gambling might be withheld in the United States to cover non-resident tax there. That’s the problem for the thousands of Canadians that enjoy gambling in the US.

Naturally you want to keep more of your winnings. Paying taxes at home to our government is one thing, but knowing the IRS requires a big chuck of the money you win stays in the US can put you off if you don’t know what can be done to increase your gambling tax refunds. There is a way. Knowing what you need to about how to offset gambling losses against winnings might be the difference that puts you in the black. There are forms to fill out and you need someone to show you the quickest path through that maze. Look for the right company that understands how to file a 1040NR return and process it through the system.

They’re right here in Canada and you can start looking for one of these gambling tax refunds services from home on the Internet. Having some criteria that will narrow down the selection makes a big difference. Finding one of these services with a good reputation for getting Canadians the assistance they need in recovering the taxes they pay on US gaming wins means looking at the customer testimonials on their website. Reading about how other people found the services you are considering is just as good as word of mouth and a great starting point when you are looking for a refund management service.

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