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All About US Casino Tax Refunds For Canadians

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Winning big in a United States casino is great fun when you’re down south. However, you shouldn’t spend all of that money before you understand the IRS can charge Canadian and International players a tax because they are foreign. A 30% withholding tax to be exact. Still, there’s no need to fret because you can get a casino refund from a professional tax refund company.

There are ways for you to get this money back and it starts by understanding how this system works and who can steer you through the process. A 1040NR return is at the centre of any refund that you can hope to get, and the whole thing hinges on your being able to show US losses in gambling for the year that offset the cash you won.

If it all sounds a little complicated, it doesn’t need to be. Getting an expert Canadian tax refund company to look after the whole procedure means you’ll only need to wait an average of 12 to 15 weeks to get a casino refund. Remember that while thousands of Canadians have taken advantage of this process, the technique works for all non-US citizens that meet the criteria.

Regardless of whether you’re a Canadian or from somewhere other than North America, you’ll want to find a place you can rely on. That means checking the websites of any prospects for the right contact information. You need more than just an email address here since there might be questions. Toll free phone numbers, online inquiry and even snail mail addresses are added touches that should tell you the firm is serious about customer satisfaction. They should also have some social media buttons as alternate contact routes too.

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