• You are a non-US resident.
  • You have won taxable gaming income from specified gaming activity within the last three years.
  • You have been issued an IRS Form 1042-S by the casino (if you have lost or misplaced these forms, we have developed relationships with casinos all across the US and can request them on your behalf).
  • You have either a) a passport, b) a driver's licence, c) a birth certificate, or d) voter registration.
  • You have qualified gaming losses (in accordance with the 1996 Canadian/US Tax Treaty).


RMS can help you to claim back your withheld taxes on the following gaming activities:

  • Slot machines
  • Gaming tournaments (such as blackjack and poker)
  • Lottery wins
  • Dog/horse wagering
  • Keno
  • Game show wins

Not in the list?
Contact us to find out if your favourite gaming activity is eligible.


If you provide us with complete documentation, your claim may be processed and we will send you your cheque within approximately 12-15 weeks. If you already have your ITIN# then the process could take as little as 6-9 weeks.

You can claim tax refunds for US gambling winnings that have occurred within the last three calendar years. If you've won in the current year, refunds cannot be claimed until the beginning of the following calendar year.

Refund Management Services for U.S. Gambling Tax Recovery

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  • Refund Management Services (RMS) will help you recover all or a portion of your taxes up to 3 years after your win. With the expertise in gaming-related tax laws, RMS understands all the IRS requirements to ensure that any entitled refund is successfully recovered. Registered agent of the IRS
  • The #1 choice of Canada's biggest winners for gaming and casino tax refunds.
  • Has successfully completed the most US gambling tax refunds for Canadians, trusted since 1998
  • Apply now and an RMS agent will walk you through the simple application process. RMS only gets paid for successful gambling tax refunds, so there is no risk.