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What Customers Are Saying About The RMS Experience

Just wanted to send a thank you for a much appreciated and exceptional service in helping to get my refund from the withheld winnings from the Las Vegas Casino. I just want to say that Refund Management Services is an awesome, innovative service available to Canadians and a special thanks for the quick response in providing the required forms to be filled in for the USA IRS submission. The service was always very attentive when I called in to find out the status and timing on my file. I would certainly recommend your service to anyone. Thanks again.

Brampton, Ontario

I wish at this time to thank you for my refund from the IRS. You have kept your good word and restored my faith in being able to get MY money back. I am going to Las Vegas soon and I will recommend Refund Management Services to my friends and definitely use you again if I win.

Winnipeg, MB

I would like to thank RMS for helping to recover the taxes on my slot winnings. The process was simple and the staff were efficient, friendly and all of my information was kept confidential as promised. Now I have some extra money for my next trip to Vegas! I have recommended your services to several of my friends.

Quertaro, Mexico

Just wanted to let you know that Refund Management Services has been my choice of tax recoverer from day 1 and every time I have won since. RMS provides an informative and helpful service in a timely manner with superior customer service. I have recommended you to friends and told them that if they are looking for a reliable tax recovery service to take care of their refund, look no further than Refund Management Services.

Calgary, AB

Thanks for my refund cheque. I have had great service from Refund Management Services. It was so professional to have received a detailed breakdown of the fees and photocopy of the refund cheque from the IRS along with my refund. I appreciate this very much. Next time, would you please include some business cards so that I can tell others who’ve been taxed about your company and the great service that you provide.

Vancouver, BC

I received my refund cheque today and would like to say “Thank you”. I had given up hope of a refund, but am so pleased to have gotten the funds back. If in the future I am lucky enough to win again, I will certainly use Refund Management Services.

Calgary, AB
Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any additional questions answered, feel free to email us or call us, toll-free, at 1-888-272-5559.

Are Exemptions From Gambling Tax, Canadian Only?

You are eligible if you are a non-US resident. You must also be able to prove that you were a non-resident of the US at the time of your win. Call or email us and we will let you know if you are entitled to recover the funds deducted from your win.

After Winning How Much Time Do I Have To Get A Refund?

The IRS has implemented a three-year filing rule. This rule allows one to go back three years to obtain a refund. Taxes on winnings prior to this period are statute-barred from any recovery. Most of our clients make their claim within days of returning back home. If you have won in the current year, refunds will be claimed at the beginning of the following taxation year.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Get My Money Back?

The process can take a minimum of one year to receive the funds from the time we file.

What Documents Are Needed to Make a Claim?

There are 3 different acceptable forms of certified identification. If you are using a passport, it can stand alone. If you are using a driver’s license, you will need one other form of ID such as a birth certificate. We, as agents of the IRS, can help certify your I.D. Please inquire further as to how we can assist with this and make the process much easier for you.

What Can Help Reduce The Taxation On Winnings?

Canada entered into a treaty with the US in 1996 whereby specific gaming losses can be applied against winnings to reduce or eliminate taxes on gambling winnings. The IRS expects losses to be substantiated by a win/loss statement, proper record-keeping and/or acceptable receipts.

Casino tax refund
What US Gaming Activities Are Eligible For Tax Returns?

Yes, we can. We cover all taxable gaming activities in the US such as wins in casinos on slot machines, gaming tournaments (such as blackjack and poker), lottery wins, dog/horse wagering, keno and game show wins.

Are Gambling Winnings Income Taxable In Canada?

For non-professional gamblers, gambling income is not subject to tax in Canada.

Find Out What Currency Your Refund Is Paid In

Refunds are paid in US dollars.

How It Works
All About Gaming & Casino Tax Refund Eligibility


  • You are a non-US resident.
  • You have won taxable gaming income from specified gaming activity within the last three years.
  • You have been issued an IRS Form 1042-S by the casino (if you have lost or misplaced these forms, we have developed relationships with casinos all across the US and can request them on your behalf).
  • You have either a certified a) passport, OR a certified b) driver’s licence AND c)  birth certificate
  • You have qualified gaming losses (in accordance with the 1996 Canadian/US Tax Treaty).
Taxable Games

RMS can help you to claim back your withheld taxes on the following gaming activities:

Not in the list?
Contact us to find out if your favourite gaming activity is eligible.

Timing Things Right For Better Refunds On Gambling Wins

Once you provide us with complete documentation, your claim will be processed and we will submit it to the IRS. It can take a minimum of one year for the IRS to review the claim and for us to receive the refund. At that point, we will send it to you right away.